KC Regulation F(1)7.h. - Double Handling

After some confusion regarding "Double Handling", I have contacted Kelly Proser at the KC. She cleared up any confusion and I thought may be of benefit to others. Please see the response from the KC:

I can confirm that the Kennel Club Regulation F(1)17.h. states : The attracting of the attention of exhibits by any method from outside the ring is prohibited. It is the duty of the Judge, steward or Show Management noticing such attraction to ask that it cease.

The term "Exhibit" would mean the dog in the ring, it does not state that you cannot direct or gesture to your partner from outside the ring when they are "stacking" the dog (exhibit). This therefore would not constitute double handling.

JIANEROT'S SHOW RESULTS 2006 -2007-2008-2009- 2010

Charlie - 2nd Grad Bitch Darlington CH Show 2010

Charlie - 3rd Limit Bitch At Leeds CH Show (STUD BOOK NUMBER) QUALIFIED FOR CRUFTS FOR LIFE !!

Charlie - 2nd Post Grad Bitch At Border Union CH Show 2010

Charlie - VHC Post Grad Bitch At Scottish Rott ch Show 2010

Charlie - 3rd Mid limit Bitch AT CRUFTS CH 2010

Charlie - 2nd Post Grad Bitch At Manchester CH Show 2010

Charlie - 3rd Grad Bitch At Darlington CH Show 2009

Charlie - 1st Junior Bitch At Scottish rottweiler CH Show 2009

Charlie -1st Novice Bitch At Scottish Rottweiler CH Show 2009

Charlie - 2nd Junior Bitch At Border Union CH Show 2009

Charlie - 3rd Puppy Bitch At Manchester CH Show 2009

Charlie - 2nd Puppy Bitch Boston and District CH Show 10th Jan 2009

Charlie - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch at Darlington CH Show 13th Sept

Charlie - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch at her first ever show Driffield CH Show. Many thanks to Ruth Hill for Handling our girl.

Emily - 2nd Junior Bitch at Darlington CH Show

Emily - 1st Puppy Bitch & 2nd Novice at Northumberland & Durham Bulldog Club Show

Emily - 1st Puppy Bitch & 1st Novice at The Bulldog Club of Scotland Show

Emily - 3rd Novice at The Yorkshire Bulldog Show

25/04/07 & 27/06/07

At our local ringcraft competition night, Kaiser won Best in Competition on both dates

Cleveland - 20/11/05

Kaiser - 3 yr old mature male of good size and substance. Beautifully balancedthroughout, excellent tan markings. Lovely head with intelligent expression. Good rear angulationwith strong second thighs, moved very soundly around the ring to show off all super characteristics. Handled well. My BOB and Group winner, I was delighted to hear he went on to win Best In Show. Judge - Loraine Web

Luca - 1st best puppy and 3rd in the group 11 months old male.nice head type beautifully chiselled Good mouth,well shaped ears good bone,strong quarters Used well on the move.a very promising young man who Should do well in the future. Judge - Loraine Web

Nidderdale - 19/09/05

Kaiser - Lovely type, his title says it all (Westlodge Whizz Bang shcm), sound as they come, A pleasure for me to have on the day. BOB Judge - G Dickinsons

Cleveland - 23/07/05

Kaiser - I watched this fellow earlier this year, I was not disapointed when I judged him, he has a good head, eyes and all about his head are correct, he has very good outline size, his movement is very sound. BOB.

Luca - (Graduate 1st) Good young dog, nice tan and pencil markings. Head and shape good, moved well.

Cumberland County Show 16/07/05

Luca - RBPIS. 7 month confident Rottweiler dog. Handsome soundly proportioned head on pleasing neck. God bone and pasterns; super feet, favourable ribcage and overall body shape - moved with power, freely and in overall balance.

Northumberland 30/05/05

Kaiser - Very appealing dog having the size and substance I require in this breed, as well as possessing a good head pattern, plenty of bone and nice height to lenght ratio. Was well handled and shown and certainly gave the span a run for its money. BOB Group 1, RBIS. Judge - Hugh Jones

Wigton 29/05/05

Kaiser - Nearly 3 year old male & just maturing into his own. This boy stood out. Excellent masculine head, reach of neck, sublime outline and body shape. Correct angles front and rear which showed in his powerful movement and drive. Deep chestand wellspring of rib, short coupling all finished off with a gleaming coat and superb temperament. This boy has sparkle and style. I had no trouble in awarding him BOB. Judge - Lynne Waite

Whitehaven 19/03/05

Kaiser - A good sound 2 yr old male. I like this fellows head pattern great expression coming from the best of eyes and correct balanced muzzle and skull, a good size with the correct angulations. He moved well, I like his tan markings, a dog with a lot to admire about him BOB. Judge - Peter Bailey

Cumberland 06/02/05

Kaiser - Lovely skull & expression, dark almond eyes, good depth of forechest, well sprung ribs, well muscular rear, worked hard for BOB. Judge - Kay Brawn

Kaiser's Show History:

54 1st placings, 27 Best of Breeds, 19 Group wins, 1 Res Best in show and 2 Best in Show's.

At the Scottish Rottweiler Show 20/05/06, Kaiser received 1st in Post Grad out of 19 dogs, Judge - Mr Potts.

At both of our first champ show, I was over joyed to recieve a 4th placing from a very large Junior calss at Working and Pastoral Breeds.

Kaiser now has his passport and we are planning on showing in Europe this year.

Luka's Show History:

For many reasons, we have been unable to show Luka as much as we would have liked. The shows that he has attended, he has done very well and made us proud.

Some of his acheivements have been : 4 Best Puppy wins, 4 Puppy Group wins, 1 Best of Breed, 1 Group 4 win and a Res Best Puppy in Show.

Under a Dutch Judge, he received 2nd in Junior with 18 entries!

Luka too now has his passport and will be joining Kaiser in a show trip in Europe.