SHOW RESULTS FOR 2011,2012,2013,


JIANEROT'S SHOW RESULT'S FOR 2011,2012,2013,2014

CUBA Show result for 2013,2014

Ladies Kennel Association 12.2013 3rd in Minor Puppy 4th in Puppy

1.2.14 Caledonian open show 3rd Rottweiler Junior 2nd AV Working puppy

9.2.14 Airdrie District Canine Club Show 1st Junior,Best puppy in Breed,Best of Breed and 2nd in Puppy Group


CESAR Show results for 2014

Manchester 18.1.14 1st in Minor Puppy Dog judge Mr Dieter Sprung

Manchester 18.1.14 3rd in Puppy Dog judge Mr Dieter Sprung

Carlisle & District 5.1.14 1st in Junior Best pup in Breed

1. Urwin and Pringle's, Jianerot Cesar. 9 months
old strongly made young male. Dark almond shaped eyes giving a good
expression. Good reach of neck. Well sprung ribs. Well muscled
hindquarters. Moved with drive. Lovely character jennifer caden


BEATRIX Show Result for 2012,2013,2014

Midland Counties Champ Show 25.10.13 2nd Junior Judge Angela Challenger

2 Urwin &Pringle's Jianerot Beatrix. Another very nice type, correct
head, good length and breadth forehead moderately arched, cheeks well
boned and muscled, deep level good length of muzzle to back skull.
Correct eye and ear set. Correct neck, good front angulations,
excellent top line and croup. Good depth of body and well angulated
behind. Moved well


Driffield Champ Show 19.9.13 VHC in Junior Judge:Mr D.Killilea

Darlington Champ show 14.9.13 Reserve in Junior Judge:Mrs M.Fletcher


Scottish Kennel Club Champ show 24.8.13 1st in Junior& Bitch CC

Jianerot Beatrix, (Bitch.CC) top quality bitch
this one, correct static balance and ratios, very good headpiece,
correct eye shape and dark, keen expression, strong in foreface, good
chin line, bite correct, hard backline and croup, deep body with well
sprung ribcage, full in front, best of legs on tight feet, hindquarters
well muscled, firm low set hocks, strong second thighs, rich well
defined markings, she scores greatly in her movement in this class and
in the challenge she completely outshone the others for correctness and
soundness, great to go over


Dumfries & Galloway Open Show 18.8.13 1st in Junior

Leeds Champshow 26.7.13 3rd in Junior class judge Mr M. Quinny

Whitehaven & District Canine Association Open Show 17.3.13 1st in Special Yearling Judge Mr.P.Simmons

Nice youngster at 10 months old, lovely shape , good front assembly, will tighten up with age but its all their which was pleasing to see ,moved really well, in good condition, will have a good future.


CRUFTS 10th March 2013 Beatrix 2nd in special puppy bitch Judge Mrs M Smith


Billingham Synthonia Canine Club Open Show 24.2.13 1st in Junior Judge Mr K . Allison

10 month bitch.
Correct feminine head with expression. Ears small lying flat to cheek.
Strong neck. Body broad and deep. Good rear angulation, moved correct with drive..


Manchester Championship Show 19.1.13 VHC Minor Puppy Bitch Judge Mr Tom Johnston


1st in Minor Puppy Bitch,Best Puppy Bitch, BEST PUPPY IN BREED

Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Champion Show 3.11.12

Very much a Baby,lovely sweet feminine head,nice outline with correctly place shoulders,level topline,good depth of brisket for age .not over long in loin well boned and muscled for her age , Movement loose as to be expected at this age but did not detract from the overall picture......... Judge D.Rathmell


BALDRIC Show Results for 2012,2013,2014

Manchester 18.1.14 1st in Graduate Dog judge Mr Dieter Sprung

Midland Counties Champ Show 25.10.13 1st in Junior Judge Angela Challenger

JD(2) 1 Urwin &Pringle's Jianerot Baldric. Very sound and collected for
age, good strong skull, broad between the ears, moderately arched from
the side. Cheeks well boned and muscled, deep muzzle, good eye and ear
set, good length of neck, strong level topline, loin short, strong and
deep. Excellent depth of rib, good depth of body and leg length, and
moved well all round. Promising for the future.


Driffield Champ Show 19.9.13 1st in Junior and Reserve CC Judge:Mr D.Killilea BIG THANK YOU to the Judge Mr.D.Killilea

JD(6, 3) 1 Urwin Pringle's Jianerot Baldric. A lot to like about this
youngster. Correct in outline, stands on good front and feet, good
shoulders, firm in body and strong in rear. Appealing head with good
expression, no sign of coarseness, neat ears and dark eyes. Moved with
purpose and drive. Res Dog CC


Darlington Champ Show 14.9.13 3rd in Junior Judge:Mrs M.Fletcher

Scottish Kennel Club Champ show 24.8.13 2nd in Junior judge Mr J McManus

Jianerot Baldric, impressive, head has still to
finish, time, dark eyes, strong foreface, bite correct, strong body,
correct static balance, deep chest good spring of rib, hard backline
and croup, good ratios, muscular rear, firm in his hocks and second
thighs, good legs on tight feet, markings rich, sound movement with
correct extention


Dumfries & Galloway 1st,Best of Breed & Group 3

Leeds Champ Show 26.7.13 VHC in Junior judge Mr M Quinny

National Champ Show 12.5.13 2nd in Junior judge Mr.Andrew Dunn

Whitehaven & District Canine Association Open Show 17.3.13 2nd in Post Graduate/Best Puppy in Breed/Puppy Group 1 & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Judge's Mr.P.Simmons & Patsy Hollings

What a classy boy loved him as soon as he came into the ring, great shape superb front good tight feet, good reach of neck into lovely shoulders, great condition and so good on the move, so good to see a youngster move out with so much drive, lost out to winner on maturity today , but I will be following this boys future with interest, PG1, BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. so pleased to see my Rottie puppy taking top honours, thank you P, Hollings for thinking so highly of my Rottie I sent through. Judge Mr P.Simmons......

Jianerot Baldric ,This boy is strong with a truly fabulous head with a sound , confident gaze from his dark almond shaped eye.Power in clean neck,strong topline,which he never lost,excellent set on and tail carried so well,you really did not notice it.great body,balance and muscular definition.he moves with reach,drive and impulsion Judge Patsy Hollings (Best in show Judge)


Crufts 10th March 2013 Baldric 3rd in Special Puppy Dog Judge Mrs N Keenan


Billingham Synthonia Canine Club Open Show 24.2.13 1st in Graduate,Best Pup in Breed,Best of Breed,Group 3 and Puppy Group 1 Judge. Mr .K. Allison

Jianerot Baldric. 10 month male litter brother to 1st in Junior.
General appearance. A powerful male. Head as the breed standard.
Expression alert. Good length of neck, body broad, shoulders well laid
back. Feet strong and compact with toes well arched. Gait moved with
purpose with hind drive and good stride. BOB and BP in Breed. WG 3, WPG 1


Manchester Championship Show 19.1.13 1st in Minor Puppy Dog & Best Puppy Male... Judge Mr Tom Johnston

Balanced head with good depth of
muzzle, neat placed ears, good neck, good bone and straight muscular
legs, good depth and width, good rib and loin, good feet, strong
promising youngsters in good coat, covered ground with purpose and good
drive, BPD.

1st in Minor Puppy Dog Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Champion Show 3.11.12

Very much a baby with nice outline,head clean with nice Expression well balanced with straight front and well angulated rear,correct coat and markings good tailset movement good for his age. Judge D.Rathmell


Res Dog & Bitch Rottweiler Midland Counties Champion show 25.10.12

VHC Pup of the year A.V working pup Steaks Midland Counties 25.10.12




Res Open Bitch Midland Counties Champion Show 25.10.12

VHC in Post Grad Manchester Champion Show 21.1.12

4th Limit Bitch Working & Pastoral Champion Show5.11.11

2nd Limit Bitch South Wales Champion Show 8.10.11.

3rd Limit Bitch Darlington Champion Show 17.9.11.



2nd Puppy Bitch Working & Pastoral Champion Show 5.11.11

3rd Minor Puppy Bitch South Wales Champion Show 8.10.11.

3rd Minor Puppy Bitch Darlington Champion Show 17.9.11


MAZZIE SHOW RESULT'S FOR 2011,2012,2013,

Billingham Synthonia Canine Club 24.2.13 1st in Open Judge Mr K.Allison
2yr old bitch. General appearance. Feminine bitch of good substance. Shoulder
well laid back, croup of proportionate length, broad slightly sloping
well muscled thighs. Moved and covered ground with power


Manchester Championship 19.1.13 2nd in Yearling Bitch.. Judge Mr. Tom Johnstone

Feminine head with good
expression, good eye shape, and good ears, good bone and ribs, strong
and compact but maybe just a little heavier over the shoulder than the
winner, good coat and holds good picture going round


2nd Yearling Bitch W & P Breeds of Scotland Champ Show 3.11.12

Feminine Bitch,nice head but would prefer more fill under eyes,good bone and substance coat in good condition nicely angulated moved and handled well..Judge D.Rathmell


2nd Puppy Bitch Manchester Champion Show 21.1.2012

VHC Minor Puppy Bitch Working &Pastoral Champion Show5.11.11

2nd Puppy Bitch South Wales Champion Show 8.10.11

2nd Puppy Bitch Driffield Champion Show 29.9.11

VHC Puppy Bitch Midland rottweiler Champion Show 24.9.11

3rd Puppy Bitch Darlington Champion Show 17.9.11.



2nd Yearling Dod W & P Breeds Scotland Champ Show 3.11.12

Mascline clean dry head,ears well set and good width of skull,well of for bone, tight feet,good depth of brisket,would like fore chest,level top and underlines in good coat and condition movement still needs to tighten ..Judge D.Rathmell

3rd Minor Puppy Dog DarlingtonChampion Show 17.9.11.

RES Minor Puppy Dog Driffield Champion Show 29.9.11.

VHC Puppy Dog ManchesterChampion Show 21.1.12